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View Diary: Righteous TARP Fury! (In the form of a SWL.) (166 comments)

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    As a former employee of NTRS this is very suprising.  First, I was suprised that they needed a bail out.  They didn't need or ask for the money, but I guess it was offered to them and they did not refuse.  As far as the parties, they seem over the top.  Anyone who knows NTRS knows they deal with very heavy hitters I remember similar parties in Chicago for their bigger depositors, but flying them to Cali for a million dollar party is not acceptable to anyone on who is on the dole.  There was a time where NTRS was one of the best compaines in Chicago to work for and I can attest that it was a great place to work and that the employees were treated very well.  Further, up until the last 5 year they never laid people off, it looks like things have changed for the worse, but I guess they are just following the trends of every other company in America.

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