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  •  Nope..... I am not. (0+ / 0-)

    The globe warms and cools. I wouldn't refute that. I am saying that the tie to man creating, or accelerating a natural phenomana,has not been proven, not even close. That is why there is a controversy. I would say that if you apply logic, reason and history to the hypothesis, the most reasonable answer is a hoax by people who have demonstrated mastery at these kind of rackets. Statements like "for it to be a problem we have to convince the American people it's a problem" start to tell the story.  

    Also, if you look at the IPCC you will see an amazing fact: they aren’t all scientists, not to mention top scientists. As a matter of fact, it’s not even a majority of, as you would call it  

    leading climate scientists

    Also, many were listed against there will, again, not to mention the large number of those so called leading climate scientists have reversed there original position, primarily, based on further examination and information.

    P.S. I don't listen to Rush, Sean, Michael, Keith, Rachel, Chris or any other gun for hire of the MSM. You should take your own advise and quit being so pompous and ignorant.

    •  So, did you read the report or not? (0+ / 0-)

      I find it amazing that some people knock the results when they haven't even read the results.

      Also, of course some people in the IPCC are not climate scientists.  To dismiss the report for that reason is a fallacy.  Is everyone in the CIA a spy?  Is everyone in the military a fighter?  No, you need a large team from varied backgrounds to have the best result.  

      Do you really think a psychologist is writing the atmospheric chemistry portions of the report?

      That being said, I've heard this argument many times and I find it incredibly silly.

      •  yes, I have read it, in detail... (0+ / 0-)

        and I am not dismissing it. I find it to be a very relevant catalyst.

        Look, once upon a time people felt the earth was flat and that was a fact as far as people knew. And, we thought our planet was the center of the universe. We now know those things aren't true. But, the fact people believed it doesn't make it true and without those people thinking the earth was the center they may have never really looked in to it. I think we will find the same situation here. I know those examples may seem far fetched, but the spirit of the argument is to raise it as a question is valuable. I just can't sit by why these racketeers bilk us for multi millions. I will not accept there word any longer. Enough, I say!

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