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  •  Yes, I agree... (0+ / 0-)

    and I think we have a similar point, but it's what you said in your diary that I am taking issue with.

    today's greatest threat to mankind?!?

    It's a typical scare tactic from our beloved racketeers.

    I hope it's not true and I will pursue reduced CO2 emissions and cleaner living to help insure our future and as a best practice. That makes sense; I just am tired of people throwing fear around when they can't get any traction on their agenda. (not that you did that, but they have done that)

    •  I understand the sensitivity to sensationalism. (1+ / 0-)
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      ...especially after dealing with the ultimate fear-card playing administration that was in power the past 8 years.

      But IF the scientists are right, which I believe they are, it truly is the greatest threat to mankind.  Rising sea levels and drought would be MAJOR issues...which would cause major problems to the worldwide economy.  Just look at what's happening in Africa as an example.  People are starving, people are fighting, people are dying...partially because of wackos, but also because of drought.  The diminishing arable land gives the wackos who control it more power.  Expect to see much more of this if the IPCC projections come true.  

      What do you think is the greatest threat to mankind?

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