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    It must be hard being as educated and intelligent as you. I bet you were an unbelievable athlete in school with really good grades and as popular as poular could could be. Really hot girlfriends/boyfriends incredible relationships while completing civic duty and volunteer work when you could fit it in between your modeling gigs.


    Was it more like got ok grades didn't play any sports, but played in the band. Had a girlfriend once....then maybe, went to college and GOT SMART, all of a sudden and when, all of a sudden, you could hide behind a computer, you realized you could be a great person who knows so much.

    I wonder..hmmmmm

    •  I'm in high school now (0+ / 0-)

      I have all As and I'm taking all advanced classes.  I'm not very athletic and I currently don't have a girlfriend.  But I really don't see how that's relevant.

      •  Well, what you'll understand (0+ / 0-)

        in time, is the actual defenition of ignorance. The reason I wrote what I wrote is because of the tone of your response. Sounds like you're a good kid, but an opinion, one way or the other doesn't, necessarily, make one ignorant. I am glad to see your active in a community like this and would only say keep an open mind to all angles, even the ones you don't agree with. That kind of perspective will empower you when you need it most (aka later in life.)  

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