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View Diary: Forced Navajo Relocation Continues on Big Mountain (Update) (197 comments)

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  •  i must apologize in that (0+ / 0-)

    i find it difficult to follow youtube type drop-ins of any length .. I read fast and can scan back and forth on data I might question or need to reread to contemplate.... I think if I followed very closely every link my question would be answered?  I am pleased to see this hear but wih there was an executive summary of key data... but heck, this is a lot of info and really only congratulations and encouragement are deserve!  I think mining is also a huge environmental disaster here...

    •  would you agree in general with the history info (0+ / 0-)


      Although I have serious concerns about mining, energy production, water and air degradation in AZ... I thought the partition issue was - well it seemed in Phoenix over the years - one in which the Hopi came out losers...this link info seems to support, I am someone who feels maybe the Hopi's desirea have not been dealt the same deference... they don't seem to have nearly as loud a voice....and perhaps the tribal counil split btw old school and new contributes to that?  Certainly in terms of land area their holdings are much less.
      Don't get me wrong I respect and wish many of us could keep our pasts alive in our culture...

      •  It's not that sinple. n/t (1+ / 0-)
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        •  my point exactly (1+ / 0-)
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          Tyto Alba

          per my Hopi friend....  and the metaphor of Gaza strip would be told this way.... the Navajo Nation is Israel and the Hopi are the Palestinians... nothing very simple about that situation either....
          so my reluctance to speak forcefully either way... but so many people here are not from the SW or have any real understanding of what it means to live on the Res... I thought I would add just the question of a different perspective...

          as for the BIA? arggg.....
          as for Peabody...arggg....

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            I've been active with the Indian community for 35 years.  Although I'm not a Native American, I'm well aware of the conflicts, and I will always side with the traditional people of all tribes for the reasons Thomas, who was my friend, states above.

            •  you should know I stressed saying anything (0+ / 0-)

              b/c your work was great and important to get out... and my view peculiar to AZ and my long time ties with the Hopi and Southern Tribes... thank you for your post and for your heart!  I will (not today though) come back and follow up on your it is loaded and I thank you .... !!

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