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  •  My SIL... (7+ / 0-)

    I challenged her last Sept about her criticism of Obama and Rev Wright.  Told her that by her logic (Wright bad, Obama bad) then I would have to say that she was bad... Because she listened to Rush Limbaugh and he was evil - therefore, she must be evil.  She laughed a little, and said he wasn't evil, just funny.  And that he got mean when he wasn't taking his drugs.  But, ha ha, she only listened to him cause he was funny.  

    When all was said and done, she and my brother voted for Obama.  And the other day, I almost fell off of my chair.  My brother said they just have to turn off Limbaugh when he comes on, he is so negative about Obama and saying crazy things.

    I again, challenged (softly) my brother - why do you listen to him at all??  (My brother is a retired teacher and has never voted Republican that I know of, he was crazy about JFK.)  

    My brother said, well, he comes on after a morning show that we both like.  But we have started turning him off.

    I think my SIL is not really a Republican.  But she got into the habit of listening to Limbaugh, because he was "funny".  It never entered her mind that she might be absorbing some of his crazyness.  I think she was shocked when I said he was evil .. and since she listened to him, that might make her evil too.  At first she denied that she listened to him, but had to admit that she had told me she did.  

    Maybe, his extreme crazyness with Obama being elected will turn off more people.  Those like my SIL who didn't really believe everything he said, but just thought he was an entertainer.  Once I labeled him as an evil person, he didn't seem so funny.

    Maybe.  We can only hope.

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