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View Diary: Why the "morals vote" didn't cost us the election. (281 comments)

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  •  You said... (none)
    "And still, Jerry Falwell actually praised John Kerry's personal faith, but condemned his inability to legislate it."

    Isn't that what they want, and what we're fighting so hard to prevent?  Secular society is not godless, it's government get out of my life.

    This should be the overall message.

    •  You have a valuable point (none)
      I think on polarizing social issues, that can be our secret weapon. And to get that going, that kind of grassroots movement needs to start happening NOW.

      But we need to take back the country on the universalist social issues. Economic fairness, political freedoms, even environmentalism... we should be able to talk about it in secular-practical terms and religious-moral terms.

      •  This is why Barack Obama (4.00)
        is so damn good.  He can switch back and forth between the two kinds of language seemingly effortlessly, and he refuses to allow himself to pigeonholed on one side of the divide.

        Future of the Democratic party indeed.

        •  That's why I'm a fan of Edwards too. (none)
          He made economic fairness into a moral issue.

          Obama is incredible, he moves and inspires me and makes me feel RIGHT.

          But Edwards, he makes me feel like we all care about the same stuff.

          Together they'd made an incredible team. I hope they both have a strong future in the Democratic party (particularly looking at Edwards, now that he's an "outsider").

    •  It wasn't inability!! (none)
      It was choice...WILLFUL choice...not to impose his faith upon others!!

      Why is it so hard for the fundamentalists to see how WRONG it is to legislate your beliefs onto others!  Is there any hope of getting through to these people?

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