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View Diary: Why the "morals vote" didn't cost us the election. (281 comments)

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  •  Agree, but (none)
    I think it needs to be the other way around--clergy need to organize themselves (along the lines of the Clergy Leadership Council), and offer their help to the Democratic party.  There still an awful lot of liberal Christians who get skittish about organized outreach programs such as the Republicans used this year.

    It's a strategic disadvantage, but IMHO, not one that can't be worked around.  Put it to you this way:  the Dems had a real fundraising disadvantage, which they addressed through the 527s.  They have a disadvantage in that they can't organize churches in the same way Republicans do, but there's nothing that says third parties can't build grassroots coalitions.

    •  2 Americas (none)
      Dear sir:  If the more liberal churches behaved like the fundamentalist churches, without doubt our fearless leaders would lift their tax exampt status.

      Why don't the fundamentalists get whacked with taxes?  Because they are part of the other Amerikkka, the one on the winning side.

      •  This is actually a bone (none)
        of fierce contention these days.  Both liberal and conservative watchdog groups have been going back and forth over what constitutes a violation of separation.

        Meanwhile, the IRS is reluctant to get involved.  First, because they understandably don't want to be seen as partisan.  Second, because they don't feel that they have the authority under the current regime.

        •  But the IRS has proven they are partisan (none)
          See IRS may probe NAACP over Bush  On Oct. 30th, the IRS stated that they are also investigating 60 other tax-exempt organizations.  Fine, but read this articles at The Christian Post.  I don't think conservative Christian churches are concerned about getting audited by the IRS.  Most telling is this quote:

          "A pastor can reveal personal beliefs and opinions to the congregation so long as the church corporate body does not expressly endorse a candidate," according to Mathew Staver, General Counsel of Liberty Counsel.


          Staver said he was pleased to see that pastors are speaking out on public issues. They "have finally thrown off their muzzles and replaced them with megaphones," he stated.

          He added, "It is far more likely to be struck by lightening twice than for churches to lose their tax-exempt status over political issues." (emphasis mine)

          "This is the most important Presidential election this generation has seen. The next President may potentially appoint several Supreme Court Justices," concluded Staver.

          "Traditional marriage and the brutality of abortion hangs in the balance. With so many issues before the Court such as what constitutes marriage and when does life begin, there has never been a better time for the spiritual leaders of America to become actively engaged in the political process."

          "...Bush could kiss Osama bin Laden on national television and Karl Rove could spin it into a punch in the face." - Jim Hoover of Huntington Beach

          by fabooj on Fri Nov 05, 2004 at 11:17:37 AM PST

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          •  NAACP may be an exception. (none)
            There's bad blood between them and Bush stemming from their calling him out on not appearing before them.

            The investigations of the 60 churches likely will go nowhere.

            •  NAACP IRS flap (none)
              This move by the IRS at the last minute was just to send a message to the bigots in the GOP, just to remind them that the GOP was on their side. Another way to excite the GOP base, a base where the "moral values" are really masking bigotry for non-whites, and other minority groups. It was just another Karl Rove trick.

              No matter how the dems reshape their "brand" it has to deal with the issue that whites gave Bush an even larger margin in 2004 than 2000.

              How do you end bigotry of all sorts that seems to be moving the GOP base?

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