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View Diary: Why the "morals vote" didn't cost us the election. (281 comments)

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    I'm angry at all religion at the moment. I've always thought that the great religious event of the year, Christmas, has been co-opted by the corporate state. Not only are we just consumers to the corporate state, we must use this Christian holiday to engage in a radical orgy of spending to prop up the economy.

    As an agnostic leaning atheist, I've been participating in gift exchange for the last ten years just to get along with family and friends and not wanting to express my disgust at how they let their religion be used. But no more, if they will use their church - left, right, or whatever to sway the election one way or the other, I now refuse to participate.

    I'm calling for a boycott of Christmas by all secularists. Withdraw from the orgy, make your own gifts if you must but hurt capitalism this Christmas by refusing to support the economy. And if your are religious, refuse to tithe on Chrismas week as a sign of your displeasure at using the Church (if yours does) to interfere in politics.

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