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View Diary: Why the "morals vote" didn't cost us the election. (281 comments)

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  •  Satan (none)
    Great diary, Pastordan.

    I'd love some discussion of this idea. We have had bible thunpers in this country for a long long time. While they have indeed become more conservative in recent years, there is also a great Progressive tradition amongst them and they many different tendencies run through them. These people are not all heartless. They are the ones who will change your tire in the rain or support their local mission - in person with a ladle.

    My idea is that the gay marriage issue worked against us but that we should not forget the issue of terrorism as well separate issue of the war in Iraq. The Iraq war is the conquest of Babylon!!! We are, in the minds of the fundamentalist, is a war against evil Muslims who reject Jesus as their savior in favor of a bogus prophet. These evil Muslim terrorists are (to them) instruments of SATAN who must be destroyed.  Satan (to them) uses our logic against us to confuse us so we must rely on our faith to overcome logic in order to defeat Satan. John Kerry, was therefore (to them) an ignorant instrument of Satan whose ideas were not to be entertained.

    Now how do we compete with a war against Satan? To speak to that population, our Pastors need to discuss the many ways Satan brings evil to the world. But when forced to consider Muslim bombers who want to defeat and convert us and mere corporate corruption and greed, I am afraid the Muslim fanatic will instill greater fear in even moderate Christians.

    We need to understand how to diffuse this Satan idea, I think.

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