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  •  Yes, the "branding" strikes a chord (none)
    People THINK of Republican and they know what they're getting, because it's been sold to them for decades....semi-isolationism, strong military, tradition, stiff formal churchgoers, penny-pinching, flag-waving.   They continue to respond to that "brand" even when it's not true at all any more, and they can see it with their own eyes.  

    Democrats also have a brand image....we know who it used to be, but we've let the Republicans identify us and muddy our brand.  

    Think of us like food franchises.  The Red cafes display their colors, advertise strongly, and make SURE every franchisee is on message.  Cafes are clean, full of bright trainees (who'll short-change you, but do it well) with the logo everywhere.  The same menu is at every location.  The restrooms are clean....although they don't let anyone go in who might be dirty.  Don't go there looking for handouts.  They burn their garbage...keeps people away from the back door.  

    The Blue cafes have colorful, if old-fashioned, signs and advertise...though their franchisees may take their advertising budgets and give them to charity instead.  Many of the locations are getting run down...not much franchise discipline.  Menu is different in each location...even the base items may not be served.  Folks who don't like "chain restaurant" food love the Blue cafes...which offer organic food, in season, using family recipes.  Blue trainees may be family members filling in.  May be volunteers helping out.  May be halfway house people.  Everyone can come in, sit down, use the bathroom...and the bathroom looks a little the worse for wear.   The Red Cafe points out that they offer a safe, secure, predictable place to eat....where you know who's serving the food, and know what will be on the menu, and your kids will be safe in the bathroom -- while the Blue Cafe sites may harbor disease and bugs in the kitchen you can't see.

    Given that....middle America will go for the Red Cafe rather than risking their children's health (perceived) to the Blue.  Never mind that the Blue Cafe tells them the truth...that the Reds bribe safety inspectors, that the kitchens are overrun with mice and cockroaches, etc.  They listen to the "branding".

    We've got to build a Democratic "brand" that speaks to people, and not let the GOP lies brand us....while at the same time continue pointing out to people that the old GOP "brand" is now a lie.

    "Never place a period where God has placed a comma."  -- Gracie Allen

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