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View Diary: Why the "morals vote" didn't cost us the election. (281 comments)

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  •  what's going on? (none)
    I am also disatisfied with the "morals" explanation.

    Bush is a screw-up. Even if he nailed 100% of the evangelical Christians he still shoulda lost if people voted the merits of Bush's policies.

    But aside from this. There's something else strange. If Bush won these people over on the FMA, why aren't they pissed he switched to tinkering with Social Security?

    When people talk about "morals", "values" and "leadership" are these words that reflect some meaning beneath the meaning? What is this deeper meaning?

    •  I think you're on to something here. (none)
      These folks should have revolted when Bush made his "leave it to the states" comment just a couple of days before the election.  All I can think is that there's some kind of weird delay that keeps them from catching on to the bait-and-switch.
      •  what makes people anxious? (none)
        I disagree.

        People are anxious and the GOP has done better at getting people to blame their bogeymen than the Dems.

        But when the source of people anxieties gets called the GOP & Right will have a harder time playing the game.

        But what is it that makes people feel anxious?

        •  Carl-- (none)
          Not exactly sure what you're disagreeing with here.  It's pretty obvious that terrorism still has people spooked, and I think you're right, the GOP has been able to some extent to focus that anxiety onto "changing moral values" (gay major is the largest part, but not all of it).

          Still, don't you think folks should have caught on that Bush was just pandering when he made his 180 in the last days of the campaign?

          •  technology & economy (none)
            I actually think that there are two issues that are driving anxiety that don't get the credit they deserve. People are anxious about technology they don't understand (or don't have access to) and an economic system they can't control their own well-being.

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