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View Diary: Why the "morals vote" didn't cost us the election. (281 comments)

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  •  Stats work both ways (none)
    From exit polls:

    Attend Religious Services      Kerry      Bush
    More Than Once a Week
    Percentage of Electorate: 16     35%     64%
    Once a Week
    Percentage of Electorate: 26     41%     58%
    A Few Times a Month
    Percentage of Electorate: 14     49%     50%
    A Few Times a Year
    Percentage of Electorate: 28     54%     45%
    Percentage of Electorate: 15     62%     36%

    Clearly, the more often people attend church, (which is at least one indicator of the importance they play on their religion), the more likely they are to support Bush.

    Clearly, then, the way to gain votes for Kerry is to encourage people to attend church less, and thus candidates should attend church less and talk about their faith less. Perhaps Democrats should sponsor programs to wean people away from church attendance.

    Does that make you uncomfortable? If it does, perhaps you understand how I feel when you use statistics to come up with equally bogus conclusions, equating correlation with causation, on the opposite side of the spectrum.

    "The problems of today will not be solved by the same thinking that produced the problems in the first place" - Albert Einstein

    by galiel on Sun Nov 07, 2004 at 10:02:38 PM PST

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