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View Diary: Why the "morals vote" didn't cost us the election. (281 comments)

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  •  if your problem is with suburban politicians... (none)
    It's disingenuous to conflate them with toothless hillbillies from Arkansas.  These types are more likely to come from gated communities in California.  The thing is, though, it's easier and cheaper to deride the hillbillies.  Your average Manhattanite finds hillbillies much less congenial than Bill the bonds salesman from the next office, no matter what their respective religious affiliations.

    Way back in 1932, Canada's social democratic party was founded as a grassroots farmers' movement.  Reformers used to come from rural Wisconsin in the form of Republicans like the La Follettes.  You need to ask yourself what changed (it wasn't religious affiliation) rather than babble to your fellow-travellers about theocracy in America if you want to have a practical impact in politics.

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