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View Diary: The Mormon Church is at it again! (69 comments)

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  •  It is a clear statement of intolerance. (3+ / 0-)
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    Cliss, notrouble, chrome327

    And an attempt to interfere with the civil rights of gay Americans.  That's all you need to know.  

    And everyone needs to know that the LDS says things publicly and then uses their money and organization to do undemocratic things under the radar.  Like rolling back the ERA and now this.  

    I hope everyone knows what the LDS is at the core so that when Romney -- with his oath to turn every gift he has and may eventually have over to the advantage of the LDS -- wants to run for President again no one will be fooled by what he has to say publicly.

    •  By one local leader (0+ / 0-)

      Its true that the church used money and influence to overturn gay marriage in California, but it has always stated that that is its position.  It stated that it would not object to civil unions or other gay rights and has never used money or influence, to my knowledge, to overturn or block such laws, one rogue local leader in Illinois notwithstanding.

      So you've got ERA thirty or so years ago and Prop 8.

      •  SLC has not disavowed the intent of that letter (1+ / 0-)
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        Chino Blanco

        They have tried to distance themselves from it but they have not disputed that Mormons in IL shouldn't do what's in their power to deny gay IL citizens even the protection of civil union status.  

        It's clear that Bishop Church got caught -- interesting because it seems likely it was a member of the Nauvoo ward who leaked the letter.  Personally, I hope -- and really sorta expect -- that this will be happening more frequently as decent Americans who also happen to be Mormon can't support the unConstitutional and undemocratic spirit of the LDS.  

        •  yes they have (0+ / 0-)

             As is widely known, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believes in the sanctity of traditional marriage. The Church has not taken a position on any legislation currently being considered by the Illinois State Legislature. The Church did not send an e-mail to its members in regards to House Bill 2234, although a false report to the contrary has been circulated. An e-mail was sent from a local Illinois Church leader to his congregation – one of 129 congregations in the state — who was free to express his own views."

             -Scott Trotter, Church spokesman

          •  They are distancing themselves from the memo (1+ / 0-)
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            but they are not disavowing the intent to marshall direct political pressure or to discriminate against gay Americans.

            •  And you didn't disavow the intent to (0+ / 0-)

              ban all religions.  But that is silly - it isnt required more expected in this situation for either you or the church.

              I wouldn't think that they would "disavow the intent marshall direct political pressure" on issues that are important to them.  Like the mx missile, world poverty and same sex marriage.  

              But I do think they would (and have) disavowed the intent to discriminate against "gay Americans".  

              But this is off topic.  And you are missing the point - this post called out that the church was acting as a whole.  In actuality it isn't acting as a whole.  It was one person.  

              I think those who consider themselves GLBT have plenty of argument against the church's position on this.  But the biggest accusation being thrown around is how supporters of prop 8 lied.  And I want to make sure that we can steer clear of that whole argument altogether.

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