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View Diary: The Gay Marriage Ballot Initiative Fairy Tale (11 comments)

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    But who cares? See, the way I look at it, this idea that anti-gay "values" won Bush the election is a gold mine - and especially if it's really not true, because that means the idea is really, really out on the fringe.

    See, think of it this way. You walk up to a moderate, Republican friend of yours, one who voted for Bush (does anyone on DK even have one of these?! All right, I kid - I kid). The reason he or she voted for Bush is inconsequential: they may have been afraid of terrorism; they may have thought Kerry was a "flip-flopper" (ugh); they may have thought that you shouldn't change presidents in the middle of the war. But you walk up to them, sigh, and shake your head. "I can't believe that a bunch of bigots decided this election."

    How can they explain it? It's what the media is saying, and it's being echoed by the religious right. The religious right are the people who would usually bash the "liberal media." Yet they're enthusiastically supporting this meme, because it echoes their beliefs, and it gives them a sense of power, that they won the election. And the moderate, sane Republicans will be left with the uncomfortable feeling that the candidate they grudgingly accepted is a tool of bigots and zealots (although you don't have to say as much.)

    Now, I can understand why you might want to debunk the myth, because many would say that if it's not debunked, you're going to get some Democrats who will want to dump gay rights as an issue (like Clinton is reported to have wanted), in order to win back these mythical voters. I agree - I don't want "bigot myself up" to win over some voters who may or may not exist. But I still think it's a divisive issue that can be pushed.

    Disgusted at Bush's "One Finger Victory Salute?" Salute Back!

    by aftk2 on Sat Nov 06, 2004 at 11:51:34 AM PST

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      The perpetuation of this myth is damaging to gays.  It is less important if this myth is damaging to Republicans or not, but if it's perceived to be a useful electoral tactic, then gays will be even more marginalized in their demand for equal rights.

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