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  •  Here's how I read the diary. (7+ / 0-)

    Essentially, I thought Mike was basically saying that it's better to go ahead and get these issues out there - even if they wind up being NON issues - because there are a few of them that could apply a "stain" to a McAuliffe candidacy in the broader Virginia Gubernatorial election.

    If Terry McAuliffe had been charged with and found guilty of wrongdoing, we would all know it - and he wouldn't be running.  But Mike aptly brings to light the fact that there are a myriad of totally separate stories (Global Crossing, Teamsters/Ron Carey, this IBEW story, etc.) that start to paint a picture of a wheeler-dealer who is sometimes borderline in how he exercises his connections and contacts.  The only constant is that he seems to make money from those exercises and relationships.

    Is that illegal?  On its face, no - but is that potentially damaging to a candidate for Governor in Virginia when the vast majority of the country has a negative opinion of wheeler-dealers who make scads of money?  Yes.  Absolutely.  All Mike did, imo, is lay out the story (and I can guess at the other stories he will unfold in the weeks to come) and ask whether or not it's not only appropriate but necessary to surface and deal with them now, not in the general.

    My $.02.

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