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  •  I Have Known Todd Smyth For A Long Time (0+ / 0-)

    I wonder if Todd's attack on Lowell and me has a similar factual basis to his attack on McAuliffe.  Uh, that would be none.

    I have known Todd for too long for him to level such a disgusting thought as Lowell and me taking money in exchange for being mercenaries.   I have thought of Todd as a friend for a long time.

    The hired guns seem to be over at Brian's HQ.  Who was the first person to recommend Stark's baseless attack on McAuliffe?

    I like Brian.  I also like Creigh Deeds.  I wish that Brian would take control of his campaign.  I also wish that my friend Todd would come to his senses.

    I do not treat friends this way.

    Anyone who wants to have a public forum about who is the best candidate for Va, I am ready.  Bring it on boys and girls.

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