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View Diary: Panetta Tells CIA Torturers They Won't Face Charges w/ Poll (49 comments)

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    very few SS soldiers were held legally accountable for anything, whereas some of the leaders were imprisoned, some executed.  To me it seems reasonable to have that same proportionality hold here, except that I'd like to see 100% of the architects of the policies be punished.

    Nevertheless, it is much more important to think of providing compensation to the real victims, and this seems to me to be a much easier fix.  The administration should just step aside, drop the 'national security' blockade on civil suits, and allow people like Maher Arar, the Canadian kidnapped from JFK by the INS and FBI and sent for torture to Syria, to get satisfaction according to U.S. civil law.  

    To that effect, the Senate bill recently reintroduced by Leahy and Specter (as I recall) outlawing blanket Bush-type 'national defense' blockage of civil suits should go forward.  Best thing about this: Obama doesn't have to do anything at all, but to stand aside and then to obey the new law.

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