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  •  Agreed: Bush is No Christian, Not Really (none)
    After the debates I freeped all those media lists, and somehow managed to get a letter published in a Louisiana newspaper. (I'm not exactly sure how that happened.)  Anyway, they published my email address and I got showered with letters saying I probably wasn't religious.

    I then started a correspondence with a bunch of hard-core religious rights and my central thesis was:

    Bush is not religious, not really.  He has packed his cabinet with followers of Leo Strauss who had three primary tenets to his philosophy:  1) Lie to the people for they cannot understand, 2) Encourage religision to placate the masses, and 3) Keep the nation in perpetual war.

    And, why don't we see Bush at Church (if he is the brand of religion he claims to be)

    And, why does he show so little regard for the underclass and not turn his cheek--not very Jesus-like

    I ended with that quote from Garrison Keilor pointing out how the bourbon wing of the "religious" right is socking it to the bible wing of the right.

    I love your meme:  Jesus was a Liberal!

    Separation of Church and State AND Corporation

    by Einsteinia on Fri Nov 05, 2004 at 11:11:02 AM PST

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