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  •  Jesus, were he to return today (none)
    Jesus, were he to return today, would likely not be a Christian. He might well echo Carl Jung, who late in his life said, "Thank God I am not a Jungian."

    Jesus in his time made reference to the best aspects of Judaic laws, but did not obey them. At 12, he told the rabbis they were wrong. If any of the current proponents - a single one of them - those who pretend to lead in His name - really had the message right they would be His equivalent and there would be no need for His return. That not being the case (at least not in the Scripture's own terms), while there might be one or two whose teaching is true enough to His insights to be worthy of giving him baptism - as last time there was just one - He's likely to appear to the orthodox - of whatever orthodoxy - as the rebel He always was.

    And it's hardly doubtable, should He have any say on who goes to Hell, that those who commit lies to foment wars will be at the head of the queue. Those who force unwanted children to be born into dire circumstances may find themselves close behind them.

    True followers of Christ, in this day, will not even call themselves Christians, lest they dignify the travesty of vanity in which false preachers and congregations cloak themselves in His name while vilely suppressing human love and the core of freedom which is each persons Gift and Right.

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