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View Diary: breaking news: Ohio e-voting machiens give Bush thousands of extra votes (157 comments)

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  •  How about the CEO (none)
    From the parent company:

    As the Economy Grows, Workers Still on the Short End

    U.S. economic growth is strong but real wages are falling, unemployment is still high and poverty is rising.  The most recent data for profits, assets, income and wages indicate that all the gains of the recovery have been captured by the wealthiest sectors.
    Highest paid.  Total compensation in 2003 for the five highest-paid corporate executives in the United States reached $262 million dollars. Sandy Weill of Citigroup ($63 million), Larry Culp of Danaher ($53 million), Chuck Cawley of MBNA ($52 million), John Chambers of Cisco ($48 million), and Warren Spector of Bear Sterns ($46 million) made more than enough to fund the entire new community college initiative proposed by Bush to retrain American workers for jobs in high-growth industries ($250 million).

    So there's motive for him to keep the Republicans in power, just need more evidence.

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