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  •  1. No generation fits anywhere close to (2+ / 0-)
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    denise b, badger1968

    neatly in one ideological camp or another. This is especially true of the Baby Boomers, due to the huge size of theirs. I agree, this whole exercise is flawed.

    1. We did grow up in the age of Reagan. That has something to do with it. He was working his image campaign at a time when we were young and very impressionable to such image-mongering. But again, I never liked him. I wanted Carter and Mondale to win. I have NEVER liked anything about Reagan.
    1. My parents are Baby Boomers, so please don't think I am incapable of putting things in context. Many of you have done very well and impress the Hell out of me. But, again, there's so damn many of you, that there are plenty of others with whom I have a great many gripes. A lot of you became the parents you hated, and a lot of you completely sold out on the ideals of the '60s you grew up on. And I'm talkin' about MY OWN FAMILY first there, not some popular image from the media. Trust me, I'm cutting it short here, I could go on.

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