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View Diary: Glenn Beck = Stalin: Assassination of a Climate Scientist (15 comments)

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  •  RPJr the issue advocate (2+ / 0-)
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    apsmith, A Siegel

    If you have hung out with policy types, Roger is quite normal, but you have to understand what they are selling is themselves.  If you look at whom he goes after, Romm, Hansen, Gore, they are all people who have access higher up than he does and much higher in Democratic administrations.  

    On the other hand, he has to maintain a minimal credibility in the UCAR/NCAR/UC town of Boulder, and to the agencies, which means he has to pay lip service to the IPCC consensus.  His method is to accept WGI and reject WGII and WGIII (essentially).  If he did the full Lindzen or beyond they might use him, but they would not believe he had a clue.

    This all makes his going after mt harder to understand.  mt has a small audience, some interesting ideas, and the respect of many people for his fundamental honesty.  Michael also is very introspective and does a lot of thinking out loud.

    The only thing that Eli can figure out is the mt represented some sort of future threat to Roger, for the "reasonable" middle, and he decided to cut him down early or to use him as an example.

    •  So why did he go after Steig? (0+ / 0-)

      Pielke wrote a long article attacking Steig's Antarctic warming paper a couple of months back. I won't bother looking it up or linking, but Google can find it easily enough. Why? It's hardly his area of expertise, and Steig isn't Romm or Hansen or Gore!

      Pielke Jr. may once have been just self-promoting, but he's moved beyond to something ideological here.

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