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  •  Unfortunately for us... (none)
    Unfortunately for us, progressives and liberals have a difficult time lying to make their points.  There is a tendency among leftists (at least the ones I know and work with) to strive for honesty and truth in everything they do---which always hampers our efforts to appeal to "Ma and Pa America".  Nobody likes honesty and reason, they like to be scared with lies and exagerations, but we're always reluctant to stoop that low.

    Do we want to become exactly the kind of lying, cognitavely dissonant moron that we so strongly oppose?

    Is there any other way to win?  

    If we abandoned our values and our dedication to truth and honesty, could we even call it a "win"?

    •  What is there to lie about? (none)
      It's not about changing positions on any issues, or being deceptive in any way. It's about using a language people can understand.
    •  re: unfortunately for us (none)
      You said: Nobody likes honesty and reason, they like to be scared with lies and exagerations...

      I don't think it's true that people necessarily like to be scared. But, if they really want to be scared, then we can scare them with the truth:

      *the corporatization of Social Security will do nothing but make the investment bankers richer

      *the government is taking away your civil rights and imposing on your personal freedoms with the Patriot Act

      *the government wants to legislate your bedroom

      ...etc. There are plenty of aims of the Republican Authoritarians that are both truthful and frightening. Red staters want fear? We can give it to them!

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