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  •  Sorry, I don't think so (none)
    > I'm meeting a lot Republicans (both
    > conservatives and moderates) who do not want
    > this election to be framed as the Ralph Reed
    > Rout.

    This is very similar to the "grown-up Republicans will keep Bush under control meme".  I don't buy it.

    First, I met a lot of old-line Republicans who told me they weren't going to vote for Bush.  Looking at the returns in my (red) state, when they got into the voting booth they couldn't bring themselves not to vote for the Republican.  So now you have two constituiencies:  the commited, and those with nowhere else to go.  Guess who gets what they want?

    Second, George Bush was from the moment he entered the race in 1998 the creature of the Big Business wing of the Republican Party.  They control him utterly.  And they don't care what the fundamentalists do in church or to various soocial laws.  In fact, a good dose of church helps keep the worker bees in line.  The only thing they care about is controlling the EPA, OSHA, Justice, and the DoD.  And they have that.

    So don't look for any sudden split in the Republican Party.  If Kerry had won, yes.  But not now.  Everyone has what they want.


    •  So, put Reid in the Spotlight (none)
      and drive the moderates into the Democratic party with the phrase

      Socially liberal, fiscally conservative

      If I didn't read and think for myself, I could be a Republican

      by bonddad on Fri Nov 05, 2004 at 02:49:25 PM PST

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