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  •  On the "mission" already (3.66)
    My well meaning, Republican voting parents just dropped me line basically saying, "it's done, time to move on."  In responding, I congratulated them for being in the party of the Rapture group, a term that they are totally unfamiliar with, so I included a few excellent paragraphs from Bill Moyer's speech "Journalism under fire".

    As neither of them are religious in the least, this is sure to rub them the wrong way.  Besides the statistics I provided them showing how significant a part of the base these "the world is going to end" folks are, not to mention the Christian Evangalists, my point is also driven home by many UK newspaper headlines, such as the one that said "Moral Majority on the March."

    Couldn't agree with you more, let's rub it in their faces.  Always did think that Kerry made a mistake when he chose the high road.  If it had been me up there, as soon as Bush came out calling me a "Massachusettes liberal", I would have come back calling him a "Texas fundamentalist".  One of my favorite sayings is "what's good for the goose, is good for the gander," so I'm all for branding them with the wide brush.

    •  I agree whole heartedly (none)
      The brush strokes need to be as wide as possible. The other side plays dirty, very dirty, and all progressives do is complain about them.
      It's high time we expose their hypocrisy. Show the world their true face. Stop behaving like sniveling children and grow some cajones. Only then, when we can be seen as resolute in our anger as they are towards us, will you see the vast middle begin to migrate.

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