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  •  I'd love to agree, but... (4.00)
    I like the initiative and am sure it's a cool looking slogan.  However, I question its basis.  

    Words like "progressive", "partner" and others have been (unfortunately) codified in our society.

    Before we continue standing behind them and shouting them out to the world, I think we need to understand how they could be interpreted by those outside of our immediate (and like-minded) groups.

    Above all else, this is playing right into the age-old trap the GOd Party loves to set:  "Here's the rules, now play by them."  It's the good ole, "me too" game, which never works.

    I'm sure Lakoff would have a few things to say about this.

    Instead of embracing "moral values", I think that we should pretend that exact phrase doesn't exist.  Get to the heart of what about it really sticks with people and exploit that.  Isn't that more along the lines of framing?

    Bumper stickers and catch phrases are great for the choir, but not necessarily the prospective parishioners.

    Instead of the word "values" (which it seems is well on it's way to being codified alongside "liberal") what about claiming the word "freedom" and working really hard to define it a la Jefferson or Franklin.  Those are names that still mean something to everyone in this country.

    It's important to celebrate, but now is the time to strategize and recruit.

    Who can we look to for help with messaging?  Libertarians?  Greens?  Both?  Neither?  Dean?

    Keep the spirit, defend the cause and never surrender!

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