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  •  I'm thinking (none)
    We should find a bunch of fundamentalists who'll vow to do all sorts of horrendous things when they get in office, let them complain about how the GOP are a bunch of lily livered pseudo-believers who talk the talk and don't walk the walk, and run them 3rd party in red states. We should just sponsor them, in the name of democracy. Give the people what they want! Or the logical extension thereof.
    •  Excellent idea (none)
      I hope we remember it come election time.
    •  Candidate Phelps ? (none)
      They petitioned for Nader? We petition for Fred Phelps (May His Name Be Erased Forever!, as the jewish say). For information's sake, put him in a Repug primary to see what the bigot count is. For spoiler's sake, make him the candidate of some fringe party.

      Nah, it all reminds me of a joke about replacing lab rats with lawyers: there are some things I can't do in good conscience, and even uttering that guy's name makes me feel dirty. Let alone petitioning for him.

      Fact is, as dimwitted as we consider the redneck bigoted right wing stereotype to be, they're pretty good at the 1+1 logic of "He'll never win; vote for Bush". That should say something about all the liberals that voted for Nader on principle. Something like: drowning in a self-imposed sea of principle.

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