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  •  wait wait wait.... (4.00)
    slow down tiger...don't you see? If you let Reed decide what debate we're having, he automatically wins? You're assuming that he wants to secure political power for Christian interests WITHIN the G.O.P. But if you believe Christians want more than just political power, you might want to think twice about parroting their spin on what won the election for Bush.

    Let's assume for a second Ralph Reed and most of the Christian right philosophical branch is actually sincere about their goals and that they want political power not as the end but as a means to the end. In that case, if he's able to convince political thinkers on the left and right that he, the gay thing and the evangelical thing are what swung the election, don't you think that helps him more than in the GOP? Seems obvious that he wants to convince not only his party but democrats as well to pick up an anti-gay, pro-apocalypse agenda. Either way, he comes closer to his ultimate goals. Brilliant.

    As any good salesman knows, it's easy to sell the fridge when you get a couple to argue about what color it should be and not whether they should buy a fucking fridge.

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