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    My seventy year-old father, from whom I never thought I'd hear the words "gay marriage" in any but  a disparaging tone of voice, gave me a big earful after the election on how the Republicans were bigots, their win was based on drumming up bigotry against "gay marriage! and abortion!" Remarkably, I did not hear the slightest twinge in his voice on the "gay marriage!" part of the speech. For Dad, that's saying something.

    Dad also can go on, and on and on about the "weird" religious groups of America with their creepy fish decals, and downright antichristian behavior, including (apparently in his area) refusal to socialise with people from other churches. ( Ie. hostility between DIFFERENT EVANGELICAL SECTS. He includes the mormons down the road, too. He was a little relieved when they gave up on recruiting him and my mother and stopped coming around, but was still peeved that once he was ruled out as a convert he was also ruled out as company. Quoting an outraged Dad: "these people only socialize with the people in their church group: there's no sense of community here, none at all". )

    •  It's a narrative that fits together... (none)
      He was also very interested to hear that the Republican Party essentially peeled off the whole white-supremacist Southern Democrat demographic after the civil rights movement in the sixties. (Or that this bloc fled the Democratic Party for the Republican Party, probably a better way of putting it, and have been working on consolidating their power there ever since).

      (Not an American, he hasn't followed the fine points of the country's last 40 years' history).

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