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  •  Gay marriage...right issue, wrong time? (none)
    "If you feel a need to broaden it slightly, try depicting the GOP as a majority party synonymous with gay-haters, warmongers and country-clubbers. "

    I hate to say it, but they'll eat that shit up.  "Gay-hater" is no epithet in the United States.  I'm sorry, but it isn't.  There are lots of Americans who are utterly repulsed by the concept of two men in a reltionship.  They hate the concept.  They hate that it could be happening right now, down the street.  Recasting "gay-hater" to have the same weight as, say, "racist" is a tall order.  It may not be THE issue that gave Bush his second chance, but it is a divisive issue that plays more strongly to their base than it does to ours.  I have to ask myself, are Democrats clinging to the gay marriage issue like a lead life preserver?

    I value equality for all people and the gay community has a 100% legitimate case, but if gay marriage really was the issue that made the difference, we lost everything for it.  Is gay marriage worth more than a coherent strategy in Iraq?  Is it worth more than regaining respect amongst our peers worldwide?  Is it worth more than fiscal responsibility at home?  Is it worth more than a Supreme Court sympathetic (or, at least, not hostile towards) progressive ideals?  By taking a stand on it in this election, could Democrats have opened up a critical weakness?

    Again, I'm not convinced gay marriage/civil union was the #1 deciding issue (there's an article on Slate that makes a good argument that it was not), but if it was...was it really worth sacrificing the entire platform for?

    I hate myself for even asking that question, but it takes only one issue to lose everything.

    •  In the most important voting bloc, gay-hater=bad (none)
      Think of the young people and how much they are on our side about this and how much we need to keep and expand their vote for us in the future.  Whether or not our pitch to the nation as a whole should be GOP=gay-hater, it should be our pitch to the youth, along with GOP=censorship of free speech and popular culture and GOP=repression of personal choice and sexual freedom.
    •  Keep in mind also (none)
      That Dem politicians as a whole and the K-E ticket aren't even pro-gay marriage.  They just aren't against it as Republicans.  It would be a mistake to move any further to the right on it- which would make us identical to the GOP.  This is because I really think the tolerance and equality issues are one of the biggest reasons young people support us.  We need to keep their votes for the long term, not give them up for the short term.  And it is short term too as Americans are gradually coming around on this issue, they just aren't ready to go as far as marriage this particular year.

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