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  •  Let's reframe Christianity (none)
    By using the extreme evangelicals, i.e. Fred Phelps, to paint them with a broad brush stroke.  This is how they have succeeded against the "outside of the mainstream liberal" b.s.

    I would show Fred Phelps picketing with his "God Hates Fags" sign and say "This isn't the Christianity I grew up with in America."  We become associated with the "common sense" American Christians, and they are the nutjobs that have hijacked the Republican Party.

    •  Good idea (none)
      Let's get some ads with progressive Christians expressing their views and values, including their sadness at the way people like Fred Phelps have hijacked public debate.  Emphasize the biblical teachings (compassion for the less fortunate, etc.) which are central progressive principles.
      •  It's being done (none)
        Check out Sojourners website. They are a progressive Christian site. They ran "God is not a Republican or a Democrat" ads in USA Today, and just started a new campaign calling for a new confession of Christ after Falwell was quoted as saying "Blow them all away in the name of the Lord" refering to the war on terror.

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