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    We will NEVER get the libertarians on our side -- NEVER.  At least not until there's an economic collapse and they realize that they can't eat theory.  For these guys (and most, from what I can tell, are guys), economic issues always trump social issues.  Always.  

    This means we gotta go after the religious people.  Not the nuts and the hard-right church leadership--that's a lost cause--but the moderates, and the potential moderates.  And we have to do it without "moving to the center"--instead, we have to trick them into becoming liberals, while letting them keep their faith as they like it.  Oh yeah--we have to be willing to compromise a bit.  This will be hard, but it can be done with proper framing.  The first step is to stop insulting them.  The second step is to build a progressive media echo chamber in the fast-growing red and swing states--i.e., the south and west.

    You remember what happened when Alabama's Republican governor tried to push through a tax restructuring using a moral argument?  He was shellacked.  Even though it would have lowered taxes for poor people, the Christian Coalition came out against it.  Of course, the business groups didn't like it either (thanks libertarians!).  And because the churches and TV talkers were all preaching the same line, the people who it would have helped the most actually rejected it.  That's right--poor people voted against a tax reduction for themselves!  All in all, a big loss for the reality-based community.

    This is the kind of disaster that happens when there is no effective counterweight to the right wing echo chamber.  There badly needs to be a message and a medium.  This will take cash. But do rich democrats who are tired of getting beat up have any alternative?

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