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  •  Not clear we need to help them self-destruct (none)
    A lot of great ideas on this thread and while I'm all for accelerating the process, I think the reality of the situation is that the GOP has painted itself into a corner and built a coalition that will ultimately topple all by itself.  

    The party pandered to the zealots and I suspect even Karl Rove is surprised by the extent to which they responded.  That leaves them with two alternatives.  First, they can actively pursue the fundamentalist agenda.  There are plenty of well-educated moderate republicans who would be horrified by that approach.  If that is combined with a continued lack of fiscal discipline by this administration, I believe these "northern republicans" will peel away in droves.

    The second alternative is to do what the GOP has traditionally done, pay the fundamentalists lip service while going about their more important neo-con business.  I think its clear that Reed and his ilk won't take kindly to being used any longer and that if the GOP takes this approach, they won't be able to fuel the voter turnout pump again.

    Bottom line, this is not a "permanent Republican majority," its an unstable coalition of the opportunistic and the bigoted.  

    •  dsf (none)
      yeah, only bad thing is those types of coalitions can wreak a lot of havoc on their way down.  

      also, there's that groupthink/goosestep factor as well.  Moderate republicans might hate the agenda, but could turn a blind eye if the pressure to conform from the zealots is great enough.  

    •  in the same vein (none)
      I had a eureka moment while standing in line at Wendy's this evening.  Why not take a page from the repugs own playbook and use similar rhetoric against them?  How about "big government conservatives?"  Let's say things like, "These big government conservatives want to use taxpayer money to pry into people's bedrooms, dictate to us how we should raise our kids and where we should send them to school, and promote values that don't conform to the mainstream--low wages, inadequate health care--to benefit special interest corporations."  Make them deny it.

      What do you all think?

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