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  •  Credibility? (none)
    To a true pro-lifer there is no difference; an embryo is an embryo.  There's nothing wrong with saying, OK, you won!  You get everything you want! and then letting them decide whether or not to take it.  It's time to back their asses into a corner and make them either piss of their fanatical base or piss of their moderate supporters.

    The issue is their credibility, not ours!  We've already been constructed by the media as having no credibility.  That's one of the reasons they won this time.  The only way to get ours back is to destroy theirs.

    It just sucks that we have to use abortion to do this but I can't think of another option that will have the same effect.  Everything else has many possible shades of gray.

    •  Okay--but who will introduce it in Congress? (none)
      Steve, I see your point--but the only guy who I can see pulling this off in the Senate is Shumer.  He is very smart, tenacious and tough. He could do a Charlie Rangel.

      But will it really win us the PR points we want or will it be seen as a stunt?

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