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    The word loser has been taunting the Democrats for two days.  I've heard it on every channel, I've read it in the newspapers ... Hell, I got up today and the headline screamed, "Democrats are 'losers', why would I listen to a bunch of 'losers'?"  First our governor calls us 'girlie-men' and now we're 'losers'.  So what do the Democrats do?  We react.   I think we need a 'support group' to teach us how to proactively get our shit together.  

    If moral values are going to war and killing over 100,000 innocent people then surely we can find a way to say, uh ... I don't really think that's morally right.  If moral values are allowing assault weapons on the streets and in the hands of our youth I think there must be a way to frame nonviolence as morally correct values.  If moral values are allowing our children to go hungry then there must be a way to point out that the morally expeditious way would be to keep the school lunch program in schools.  

    For every moral value/social issue the Democrats have been on the right side for let's see ... forever.  We don't have to go far to figure out who the Democratic Party is on moral values/social issues.  It is what our party was founded on.  

    We have been running away from ourselves for decades believing the way to win elections was by becoming more Republican than not and saying we'll get back to our beliefs soon.  Well the Republicans gave us a gift, they kicked up in the butt and said, the time is now.  

    The frustration of the past years has lingered on long after the campaigns are over.  It is only when we are pushed against the wall with the most radical extreme staring us down that we finally say enough.  Wednesday morning we finally uttered the word ... enough.

    "Winning the war is the military's job, winning the peace is the president's job." John Kerry October 8, 2004

    by caliberal on Fri Nov 05, 2004 at 04:34:16 PM PST

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