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  •  The Inmates are Running The Asylum (none)
    in the Republican party. The Repubs made a Faustian bargain with the Southern Strategy to pander to the bigots for an easy voting block. Now, with Bush II, they've taken over. The money wing of the Repubs should be very, very worried, as our dollar and debt are in the hands of China, Japan, and Taiwan, our oil supply is in the hands of any nut in the Middle East with enough plastic explosive, and our military is being blown up vehicle by vehicle in Iraq. Thanks a lot, guys.
    •  They will over reach (none)
      Good for the Democratic party-VERY bad for the country, and the planet.  Now that they think the entire country is on thier side, they are going to be trying to hit a home run every time-they are going to over reach big time.  And since they are fucking crazy, they are going to do lots of fucking crazy things, now that they aren't even going to try to pander to those in the reality based world.

      The first fucking crazy thing I think they are going to do is invade Iran.

    •  Already seeing the results (none)
      We were discussing at work yesterday the problem Bush may have created for himself in catering so much to the religious right--they may actually expect him to continue to cater to them, and he may have created a monster for himself that pushes him and his agenda more to the right than he would wish.

      Case in point, in today's New York Times,
      a front page article about how Arlen Specter is being bashed by the conservative right over his comments about judicial appointments(he said he thought bush should be careful about appointing someone with an anti aboriton agenda, or something to that effect).  They have been faxing and calling the white house to ask that Specter NOT be appointed head of the SEnate Judiciary committee.  Look what Bush has already wrought.

      Day two of his new presidency.

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