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  •  We need some people who can run smack (none)
    Let's be intellectually honest here.  We have taken the high road for years.  Forever.  It has not been successful.

    I think that Atrios had a brilliant idea, despite what his comments suggested.  If you look at taxation numbers in 2002 (the latest that the Tax Foundation, not exactly a bastion of liberalism had) then you see quite a picture of red states versus blue states in terms of what they produce in tax receipts and what is returned to each state.  The nutshell is that the blue states are providing for the welfare of the red states.  While that may be appropriate, I think it is also appropriate to use the word welfare when it comes to federal taxation and where the money goes.  It is not something that I would normally choose to dwell on, but it is a frame to which people can relate.

    Think about it.  Do you like the term "welfare queen?"  I don't think anyone does.  How do you think that the people of the US will react when it sees that the biggest welfare queen states are:

    1. North Dakota
    2. New Mexico
    3. Mississippi
    4. Alaska
    5. West Virginia
    6. Montana
    7. Alabama
    8. South Dakota
    9. Arkansas
    10. Hawaii

    You have to get to #10 before you find a blue state.  And this is according to the Tax Foundation, hardly a bastion of liberalism.

    This is a frame we can use, be above board with, and press repeatedly.  And we better do it.  It's a phenomenal wedge issue.

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