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  •  Christian fundamentalists and Jews (none)
    There are a lot of American Christian fundamentalists who are doing things like raising money to send American Jews to Israel.  Not, as some might think, to get them out of the country, but because they believe all the Jews coming together in their own nation is a necessary step toward the End Times.  Hence they are bitterly opposed to the idea of a Palestinian state; that would be a step backward, in their view.  A lot of people think Bush is coddling Ariel Sharon to court the Jewish vote, but I think he's doing it for his base, the Christian fundamentalists.  

    I sometimes read Ha'aretz, and they seem to see the problems inherent in accepting aid from Christian fundamentalists.  But it's a leftwing paper, at least by Israeli standards.  I gather many Israeli groups welcome American funds, regardless of the reason they are being donated.  

    The oddest "contribution" I've heard about is a Texas tycoon who has invested millions in an attempt to breed all-red cows.  They believe pure red cows are necessary to consecrate the Temple Mount and rebuild a Jewish temple there.  

    If they actually try that, I fear they will succeed in their goal of touching off Armageddon...  

    "We share half our genes with the banana. This is a fact more evident in some of my acquaintances than others." - Robert Mays

    by randym77 on Sat Nov 06, 2004 at 07:17:36 AM PST

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