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  •  Guns for all (none)
    You know I posted the thing yesterday about democrats all getting guns just to unsettle  and scare the Right and I mused on it all night, wondering where it came from.

    I think it has something to do with being tired of being seen as weak. I believe we're seen in a lot of places as the Nerds in Revenge of the Nerds. We're nicer, more tolerant of differences, with broader interests. The right are the meathead football players who beat up skinny little guys in glasses for fun. And while part of me is totally in with all these thoughtful, rational approaches to the situation, another part of me feels that one thing we all need is to, metaphorically I guess, FLEX OUR MUSCLES. We can't go gently into the good night.

    The fact that Kerry gave up as he did doesn't help. I'm in Ohio and I'm just livid that our Black Brothers and Sisters went through humiliation and crap for nothing.

    It's weird - I feel like the campaign never ended. We're right where we were 3 days before the stolection.
    Our lives are now going to be dominated by this situation for omigod 4 endless years. And we're exhausted now. But I think some of us feel a bit like our soldiers in Iraq who, when wounded, first and foremost want to get back to their unit and help their mates.

    Anyway, there's a lot of things we need to do, some practical and some still in the theoretical stages. But one thing is absolutely irrefutably clear: we have to resolve the ELECTION PROCESS.  I remember when the primaries started one of my major concerns was: how will we guarantee that this election won't get stolen? And I was somewhat relieved when Kerry finally announced that they were putting their teams of lawyers together and all of that. But, when you really look at it, it is clear that that response is REACTIVE and not PRO-ACTIVE. It pre-supposed that dirty work was going to happen rather than preventing it. And I'll be damned if I'm going to work my guts out another 2 or 4 years only to have it all washed away by republican dirty tricks.

    The repubs have no motivation to fix the election system because it is their backup -- if they can't win clean they can win dirty. This must be framed as an obvious, irrefutable issue that benefits all Americans and the republicans have to be made to look like the dicks they are if they refuse to deal with it. Perhaps somewhat similarly to the Jersey Girls forcing the issue on 9/11 and Bush finally caving (although the results, as we have seen, have been greatly diluted). But still.

    Republicans: the party of "believe what I say, not what I do"

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