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  •  Didn't he win... (none)
    in part because he was a big supporter of the state lottery, while the Republicans opposed it on "values" basis?  I wish he'd had the backbone to stand up on the income tax, but that's political suicide in those few states that stupidly don't have one yet.  

    Actually, "national lottery" might well be one of those "immensely popular bad ideas" that I'd expect us to see in the near future.

    •  Yeah, in part (none)
      He hasn't completely dismissed an income tax, but he said that he would try to find a way to balance the budget without it in a first term.

      Nov. 2: Man #1: Those votes just disappeared! Man #2: Of course not. What do you think they are? 400 tons of explosives?

      by FleetAdmiralJ on Fri Nov 05, 2004 at 02:50:23 PM PST

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