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View Diary: Chuck Norris Says Right Wing Cells Will Overthrow the American Government This Friday (315 comments)

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    in the article linked to in the diary:

    We won't be fighting against the Army we will be fighting with them. The government is unlawful and will fail. Obama's asassination would spark the conflict. I don't want him killed just locked up in Gitmo with the rest of the Islamic terrorists.

    I was in the Military and am now a Police Officer in a large city. I can tell you that HUGE numbers of people in those two groups are very conservative, and despise the democrat party. If it were a civil war, whose side do you think they would be on? It would basically turn into a military coup.

    Shoot all the commie libs and GOD sort them out.

    You don't relive that alot of us gun owners have Barrett 50 cals, M-4's, AK's, 10k+ in ammo, body armor and night vision right???.
    They are 80 million+ gun owners in the United States.
    I don't think we should start a Civil war, but be advised if it ever became nessasary, we don't have enough military forces to stop them.
    The Army only has around 500-600 thousand soldiers, of which only half are combat arms and have any real close combat experience.
    Believe it or not alot of soldiers that deployed never even fired a shot and will not be a match against 80 million citizens.

    It is time to take out the garbage, I'm with you Chuck. The people who hate america are the ones eroding away the constitutional rights like some of the traitors posting here in support of the ongoing tyranny.

    Hey Nute we can start something and GOD is always on the right side so you better get on the right side buddy

    I am a Texas Born and raised woman that believes in GOD and what is right. I think Mr. Norris and Glenn Beck are wonderful patriots who need to be listened to. Also I am ready to fight along side of you Mr. Norris just let me know when and where.

    Texas needs to lead the way. Our government has already negated the Constitution. We are honor bound to take the advice of our founders and start over, beginning with secession, starting today.

    Civil marriage is a civil right.

    by UU VIEW on Mon Mar 09, 2009 at 07:46:01 PM PDT

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