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  •  Where have you been? (2+ / 0-)

    I spent 4 days on crossing swords with these people!  Let's see.. I posted about it somewheres.... Ah, here it is..

    I argued with conservatives for 4 days, FOUR DAYS (I'll never get those days back), on when we were commenting on the Atlas Shrugged bit. It was a real education for me because I don't personally know anyone who holds those particular points of view.  

    It seems like, from what I've gathered, the conservatives like a small federal government and no taxes unless it comes to the military, some of them were all for the war in Iraq, some not.  They are all about the government protecting the country ONLY, nothing else. The way they see the stimulus package working is it is directly funneling money from their pockets to - gulp - dare I say it - minorities.  I think that about sums it up although it wasn't explicitly stated.  They're skipping the part where the money is supposed to be used to improve infrastructure and so forth. That's about what I could see after 4 days.

    One could argue that protecting the country involves more than just the barrel of a gun.  Like, OK, let's say we had an attack somewhere in the country but we couldn't get personnel there because the roads are crap.  Something like that, although I'm no expert.  Or keeping people employed and healthy prevents the spread of contagious disease.  The enemy isn't always external, I'm looking at you, Timothy McVeigh.

    And I had SO MUCH more I wanted to say to these people!  Like to the warmongers - you had your fun in Iraq, the bill is due so pay up!  Oh, there was one guy who called me a whiner (their FAVORITE word) and said I SHOULD MAKE A STAND!  So, I asked what he was doing now to make a stand and he pointed me to a website where they're sending teabags to Congress.  A teabagger!! That's his stand!  A spot of darjeeling perhaps?  I figured he'd reply with something lame like that and sure enough, he did.

    We were all wondering of the Galters why they were still here, and if they went Galt, well, gee, we sure didn't notice their absense.

    The conversation is still going, so hop on in.

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