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View Diary: Tom was right: Bush backers not happy with values thing (18 comments)

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  •  brooks is actually correct i think (none)
    some of his language was a little snotty, i think he is correct about bush voters.  he completely misses the nature of bush/cheney themselves though.

    my relatives are spread out through oklahoma, texas and alabama.  this slate article hits on an important point i think folks who grew up in brady bunch northeast, shaker heights suburbia (as i did) miss.  

    bush/cheney are not the traditional republican party of eisenhower, ford, mccain, powell, sandra day o'connor, olympia snowe, you name it.  bush/cheney are a radical, revolutionary minority out for their own shallow personal interests at the expense of the rest of the country and the world.  they are only able to manage a (bare) electoral majority through mccarthy-style smear campaigns, jim crow-style vote suppression, and (whether it tipped the election or not it is clearly within the realm of possibility if not probability) vote fraud.

    this is not a dems v. repubs issue.  it is not mondale v. reagan.  do not think in those terms.  it is a gross power play by incompetents and authoritarians who have no natural majority in the u.s. and have hijacked the republican party name.

    •  The brady bunch lived in the valley (none)
      (that would be the San Fernando Valley, not the valley of the dolls, or the valley of the shadow of death, although both might apply here).

      They're my people.

      Card carrying member of the Reality Based Community

      by spot on Fri Nov 05, 2004 at 11:30:00 PM PST

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    •  i don't think of them as republicans (none)
      either. pick up paul krugman's book "the great unraveling". he has been saying that this outfit is a radical splinter group that does not recognize our system as legitimate. he has been making this point for a couple of years at least.

      while pushing them further right, we need to start calling them out for what they are: radicals. dominionists. they did not hesitate to paint us with that brush during the vietnam era. what the hell are we waiting for?

      No member of our generation who wasn't a Communist or a dropout in the thirties is worth a damn. Lyndon B. Johnson

      by maskling11 on Fri Nov 05, 2004 at 11:30:31 PM PST

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