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  •  Ahem... (0+ / 0-)

    Since when is making a tongue-in-cheek suggestion (followed by a ?) reason for troll rating?

    There was nothing in the post indicating snark.  And all too often, these types of discussions, as heart-wrenching as they are, always seem to have an unfair amount of "MEN SUCK" comments pop up.  Now, if it was truly tongue-in-cheek, I'll gladly remove the donut. But keep in mind that any comment a guy would post here generalizing women in such a way, joke or not would be Troll-Rated into a smoking crater.

    And when female violence against men reaches the same proportion as males against females, then I'll be glad to consider your nonsensical "flip."

    I have never committed violence against a woman.  No man in my immediate family has ever committed violence against a woman.  No man that I call a "friend" has ever committed violence against a woman. Yet you argue that "proportions" somehow justify a sexist comment that lumps all of us in with the Rapists and wife-beaters?  Equality is a two way street.

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