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    the ONLY way to be sure that 50% + 1 want a union is through secret ballot. Many people who would vote no in a ballot box would sign a card. Why? They're afraid of being ostracized, afraid of doing something that's not "in" at work, afraid of the union spiting them if it does get formed, or just believe it should be voted on but are personally voting no.

    Let's say EFCA passes and I sign a card because I want to vote on it, but do not necessarily want the union to be formed. If they get 30-50%, my signature simply means we have an election, no big deal. But the second it breaks 50%, my signature is taken as a yes vote when that was not what I meant. A yes vote and a signature are fundamentally different. Signing a petition does not obligate a vote. You can sign a petition and then be pressured into it, and then vote no without pressure, thanks to the secret ballot.

    Actually, let's do the idea of card check. Let's say that any initiative, as long as it gets signatures from over 50% of the electorate, it automatically becomes law without being placed on the ballot. Same principle is at work here: a signature out in the open is as legitimate as a yes vote.

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