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    ... is a strange creature.  We've got a conservative party in government that's reigned, uninterrupted, for the better part of 40 years;  we've got corruption and cronyism in spades;  there's lax donation rules, provincially, allowing corporations to bankroll the ruling PC party and buy influence.  Alberta's home of the former far-right wingnut Reform Party, and major base of support for the current federal Conservatives.  PM Harper's home riding is in Calgary.

    But then, there's contradictions - the most public health care spending per capita, in Canada;  large amounts of public spending on infrastructure;  the world's cleanest city, according to Forbes magazine.  The Women's Rights movement in Canada has its roots, here.  So does the major social-democratic party, the NDP.

    And then there's the tar sands.

    In all honesty, we're a case study in how apathy benefits conservatives;  election turnouts here are notoriously low.  Our politics read like a cautionary tale in what conservatives do if given unchecked power and an uninterested electorate.

    Not sure if the "Texas of Canada" moniker is a dead match, but it's popular.  I'll take it;  could be called far worse.  ;)

    ... Where is Baldwin?
    ... Où est Lafontaine?

    by Wisewood on Fri Mar 13, 2009 at 11:27:09 PM PDT

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