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View Diary: Pub Hlth Officials Lie about Fluoridation Safety (65 comments)

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  •  Read your toothpaste warning (1+ / 0-)
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    label telling you to call Poison Control if swallowed.  Yes, swallowing toothpaste is a poison, yet we put it in our mouth every day.  

    Chuck Norris is hiding in my poo

    by dssv12 on Sat Mar 14, 2009 at 06:34:44 AM PDT

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    •  And somehow.. (4+ / 0-)
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      begone, Elvis meets Nixon, ER Doc, marykk

      we're still alive and fairly healthy.  Weird, eh?

      "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -Gandhi

      by Triscula on Sat Mar 14, 2009 at 06:53:15 AM PDT

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      •  Depends on who "we" are (1+ / 0-)
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        The infant mortality rate in the US is dismal.  The US is way behind many other countries - even some third world countries.

        Autism affects 1 in 150 children.  

        We don't expect the younger generation to be healthier and live as long as their parents.

        There is more diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, arthritis, than ever.

        Oral health disparities exist despite 60 years of fluoridation.  At least two children in America have died from untreated tooth decay because 80% of dentists refuse Medicaid patients and 108 million Americans lack dental insurance.

        With its deep pockets filled with corporate cash, organized dentistry lobbies hard against any viable group infringing on its lucrative monopoly. Instead they get people to believe that fluoridation will solve this problem

        Fluoridation 101 News Releases

        by nyscof on Sat Mar 14, 2009 at 07:21:12 AM PDT

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        •  OK (2+ / 0-)
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          Elvis meets Nixon, ER Doc

          The infant mortality rate in the US is dismal

          Waiting for the evidence that "fluoride poisoning" is to blame.  Or are all deaths in the U.S. actually due to toothpaste?

          Perhaps we'd all live forever if not for...fluoride.

          •  show me your evidence (0+ / 0-)

            My point is that you can't show me that fluoridation is safe

            Fluoridation 101 News Releases

            by nyscof on Sat Mar 14, 2009 at 07:41:51 AM PDT

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            •  Inverted logic (1+ / 0-)
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              ER Doc

              You're implying that infant mortality is "dismal" in the U.S. because of fluoridation.  The burden of proof is on you to back up your assertion.  It is NOT on anyone else to prove you wrong.

              •  Fluoride linked to Cancer (0+ / 0-)

                No, someone said if fluoridation was so bad, why aren't people getting sick.  I'm showing that loads of people are getting sick and depressed but our government won't fund studies to show whether fluoridation is to blame and when it is found harmful, they ignore the evidence just like you do.

                Decades ago Burt/Yiamouyiannis did a study that showed that the cancer death rate was higher in newly fluoridated cities.  

                They were wrongly criticized for not adjusting for confounding factors - which they actually did do.  When the same detractors were brought to court and sworn to tell the truth, they could not negate the Burt/Yiamouyiannis cancer studes.  

                As a result of the B/Y studies, Congressional hearings were conducted and a cancer/rodent study was commissioned.  And yes they found more cancer in the fluoridated rats and mice

                Fluoridation is linked to bone cancer
                (osteosarcoma) in young boys, as reported in  Harvard's peer-reviewed
                journal, "Cancer Causes and Control."

                Many other studies link fluoride to cancer. Examples:

                1954 Taylor reports more tumors and shorter lifespan in fluoride
                treated mice.

                1956 Landmark 10-year Newburgh/Kingston fluoridation study shows more
                cortical bone defects (a suspected precursor to osteosarcoma)  in
                children drinking fluoridated water

                1977  National Academy of Sciences expresses concern about possible
                water fluoridation/osteosarcoma link based on the Newburgh /Kingston
                cortical bone defect evidence.

                1990 Procter & Gamble (P&G) makes public a 1981-1983 study showing more
                bone tumors in fluoride-treated rats but claims they were not
                statistically significant. Another P&G study finds a significant
                increase in benign bone tumors in fluoride treated mice.

                1992 New Jersey Department of Health study shows osteosarcoma rates
                higher among young males in fluoridated vs unfluoridated regions of New
                Jersey (6) - report's title changed to obscure connection to

                2006 NRC Panel finds cancer/fluoride link plausible

                Fluoridation 101 News Releases

                by nyscof on Sat Mar 14, 2009 at 08:45:38 AM PDT

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    •  Like most things, it's a matter of dose . . . . (3+ / 0-)
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      begone, Elvis meets Nixon, ER Doc

      Water is a poison if ingested over a period of several to many hours at an average rate of 17 mL/min.

      Similarly, selenium is quite toxic, but a few years ago it was discovered to be absolutely essential for human health as part of the "21st amino acid".

      Basically, you die with either too much or too little .  .   .  (but strangely enough, most people do manage to somehow survive in the middling safety zone).

      •  Small doses toxic to some (1+ / 0-)
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        Even small doses of fluoride is harmful to kidney patients whose diseased kidneys cannot filter out the fluoride.

        Fluoride is also harmful to the thyroid in any amount.

        From 1 - 5% of the population is allergic to or intolerant of fluoride - no matter how low the concentration in water.

        Fluoridation 101 News Releases

        by nyscof on Sat Mar 14, 2009 at 07:22:44 AM PDT

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