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View Diary: What about all the attacks under Cheney's watch? (289 comments)

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    On another thought, you are right that we know what we are getting with Cheney, and it maybe time to challenge him on his policies and his views in the Bush White House.  I would love for CNN to do it, but I don't see it happening yet.  I think as the Bush years start to unravel with more revelations, there won't be any choice for the media.  American's will then demand hard answers from Bush and Cheney.  I don't see a Frost/Nixon event, however.

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      I think they should have been challenging Bush and Cheney from the very beginning.  Imagine how different things could be if we'd had a responsible press in 2002...or if they were merely as diligent in questioning the war as they were Bill Clinton's sex life.  

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